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Bicycle rental services in Girona cycling center

Cycling holidays in Girona are getting more popular each year, and not without cause. The beautiful weather, spectacular scenery, great food and sunny beaches attracts many tourists to experience Girona cycling routes.
Bike tourism is a healthy and enjoyable option to get to know a place, and Girona suits this needs perfectly. Visit our bike point Girona and get the best recommendations for cycling Girona routes like you were born here.

Tips and recommendations

You can get from us any advice or recommendation you need to plan your cycling routes in Girona.

Cyclist guide

With our bike guide you will get the best cycling experience for your cycling holidays in Girona.

Maintenance, Tuning and Liability

All our bicycles cover the set-up requirements and adequate maintenance to guarantee the experience

Road Bike Rental Girona - Explore the Beauty of Girona on Two Wheels

Live an unforgettable experience renting road bikes in Girona. Our local team will guide you on an exciting cycling journey through this beautiful region. Discover Girona’s best kept secrets while riding our high quality road bikes.

Discover Girona's Stunning Landscapes with Road Bike Rental Girona

At Road Bike Rental Girona, we are committed to providing you with an unbeatable road bike rental experience.
Our experienced local team will help you plan your Girona cycling tours, ensuring you get the most out of your cycling adventures. With our premium quality KTM road bikes, you will immerse yourself in stunning surroundings and enjoy the summer breeze while exploring the magnificent landscapes that Girona has to offer.

Discover the Best Bike Routes and Detailed Maps

Explore Girona by bike with confidence thanks to our detailed maps and our recommended routes. Our dedicated team will provide you with information on the best routes tailored to your skill level and preferences. From a relaxing ride through Girona’s old town to more challenging routes through the region’s stunning natural landscapes, we’ll help you plan your tours so you can enjoy your Girona cycling experience to the fullest.

Hassle-Free Bike Rentals

At Road Bike Rental Girona, we understand that flexibility is key. We recommend making an advance reservation to guarantee the availability of the bikes, especially during peak seasons. However, we also offer rentals on the spot, subject to availability. In addition, we provide a convenient delivery and collection service, so you can receive the bikes at your place of accommodation or at another desired point.

Enjoy a Safe and Comfortable Ride

Your safety is our top priority. We provide high quality road bikes and safety accessories such as approved helmets, locks and lights to ensure a safe and comfortable riding experience. Our team will ensure that all bikes are in excellent condition and tailored to your individual needs.

Start Your Cycling Adventure Today

If you are ready to explore Girona by bike, contact us today. Fill out the contact form below and our friendly team will be happy to help you. Join us and enjoy a unique cycling experience in Girona with Road Bike Rental Girona!

About Our Services to Rental Bikes Girona

Find additional relevant information about our bike rental services in Girona

Our Services to Rental Bikes Girona: Explore Girona on Two Wheels

At Girona Rental Bikes, we provide exceptional bike rental services in Girona, offering a wide range of high-quality bicycles to suit every rider. Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or a beginner looking to embark on a new adventure, our services cater to all.

Discover the stunning landscapes and hidden gems of Girona at your own pace with our flexible rental options. From road bikes for thrilling speed to comfortable city bikes for leisurely rides, we have the perfect bike to suit your preferences and needs.

Our services extend beyond just bike rentals. We also provide additional amenities such as helmets, locks, and lights to ensure your safety and convenience. Our knowledgeable and friendly team is always ready to assist you in planning your cycling routes, providing you with detailed maps and recommendations for the best sights and routes in Girona.

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer service and strive to make your cycling experience in Girona unforgettable. Whether you’re seeking a thrilling solo adventure or planning a group excursion, we are here to cater to your needs.

Book your bike rental with Girona Rental Bikes today and embark on a remarkable cycling journey through the picturesque landscapes of Girona. Trust in our reliable services and let us enhance your exploration of this stunning region on two wheels.

Our Pricing

Discover our transparent and competitive pricing for an unmatched cycling experience in Girona. From bike rentals to comprehensive insurance and assistance options, we offer flexible rates that cater to your needs. Explore Girona with confidence and convenience, knowing you have the best value for your cycling journey.

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Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive Insurance

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Car Tour Assistance

Interested in learning more about our two available options? Contact us today to discover the details and benefits of each choice. We’re here to provide you with all the information you need to make the best decision for your cycling adventure in Girona.

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